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Putting The OS In Hospital: How Embedded Android Is Changing Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a tough nut to crack when it comes to innovation. Sure new medical developments and discoveries are happening almost every day, and there”s a constant push for more understanding, better tools, and faster results. But the reality is that there’’’s a lot of red tape when anything new comes on the scene especially when it comes to technology. Reasonably so, there are regulations that need to be followed when developing a new medical device, in order to keep patients safe, test results reliable, and medical professionals accountable. But even given the strict nature of the environment, the medical space is still transforming (however slowly) thanks to the use of embedded Android technology. Currently, there are three major trends that are paving the way to a better-connected medical industry. Check out our graphic below for more information on where embedded healthcare technology is headed.

embedded healthcare technology- infographic

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