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Connectivity plays a very critical role in delivering an enhanced user experience and thus mobile networks are moving towards all IP-based networks to provide high-speed data to its users.

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) uses IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Rich Communication Suite (RCS) and its benefits include enhanced indoor coverage using Wi-Fi and one can extend its advanced communication services with WebRTC using the same IMS core as VoLTE.

You can also refer to our blog on LTE Wifi Data Offload – A Brief Survey to understand how Wi-Fi offload, a complementary network technology, can be used to reduce the amount of data being carried on the LTE network thus freeing bandwidth for other users.

HSC’s role in RCS/VoLTE/IMS

HSC has been a key player in IP-based communications space from the early years in 1998 when SIP was first introduced and has built several areas of competence working across the years with leading mobile,
satellite and fixed-line OEMs, ISVs and operators helping them develop highly scalable and flexible solutions. Our skills include:

Are you looking for help in developing a fully standards compliant, feature rich solution that can help reduce time-to-market for VoLTE/RCS Client?

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