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SD WAN Implementation


Modern-day businesses must support a new generation of apps, users, and business models which includes video calling, cloud storage, and remote applications. Hence, they are looking to adopt and implement smart network solutions that can help them overcome the limitations of traditional WAN, primarily being dependent on underlying hardware that hampers scalability.

Over the last few years, SD-WAN has emerged as the smarter alternative that has prompted businesses to replace their traditional hardware-centric WAN mostly comprised of MPLS lines with flexible, software-defined infrastructure. It also enables traffic routing based on specific applications, and seamlessly integrates with the world’s leading cloud providers.

HSC’s SDWAN Service Offerings:

When deploying cloud-based or virtualized solutions, each organization’s requirements vary. Hughes Systique can assist you in determining the best solutions based on your requirements. Here are a few areas where we can help you:

HSC’s SDWAN Expertise:

  1. HSC serves an enterprise business giant, which utilizes SDWAN technology as the core of its application traffic with a combination of multiple modes of transport (MPLS/Internet/5G/Broadband) and its centralized management for their testbed. This allows testing and representing the demo environment for fleet, various defined Business focused policies including Application-Aware routings, enabling the analytics of the network to be used in collaboration with various security components. The centralized dashboard provides significant insight into the overall network, easy management of network components, and tools to push topology control policies via its centralized dashboard.
  1. HSC supports network transformations & solutions from legacy to SDWAN deployments for on-premises & on-cloud solutions. This network transformation enables customers to reduce their WAN costs and utilize their network with more optimized passion. HSC also supports SDWAN to private/public cloud integrations, for example, Viptela SDWAN-Prisma Integration, SDWAN Versa integration, Edge-Zscalar Tunnels, services like a cloud on-ramp, SAAS, IAAS. SDWAN also enables automatic SLA-based traffic shifting, which provides incredible End User Quality of Experience.
  1. HSC also integrates different licensed tools with the customer’s SDWAN environment and shares those tools’ access with the customer. So, the customer can also perform the required changes in their network infrastructure with a limited passion via pre-defined templates.

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