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Given the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices, the threat of security, malware, and data breaches has increased significantly. Businesses and consumers are always looking to harden their products and work with vendors to help them with continuous security threat modelling and active detection of issues in running systems. Enterprise applications are moving from monolithic applications to distributed, microservices-based architecture, inherently increasing trust boundaries & exposing more touchpoints. As these applications deal with a large amount of classified data, data privacy and security concerns make security much more critical than ever. The exodus from in-house closed data centres to open public/hybrid cloud deployment has led to a bigger attack surface, and the expanding security arena needs have moved beyond infrastructure security.

Challenges in providing Enterprise Security Services:

With automated attack risk increasing daily, enterprises can no longer assume that their application cannot be a specific target for security breaches. At the same time, Continuous Deployment practices do not give ample amount of time for security certification, etc. Therefore, security practices need to be embedded in the entire development process instead of the last verification step, making way for the increased adoption of the DevSecOps methodology. As of today, no single security tool or practice can catch every vulnerability. It needs multiple test and protection tools at every layer to provide an adequate security level with continuous monitoring and evaluation.

HSC’s Enterprise Security Service Offerings:

Hughes Systique offers a broad portfolio of services in the security domain with proven expertise in the following areas:


HSC’s Security Offerings



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