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Test Automation

Testing is a critical process in any application development cycle. A fast, repetitive and reliable test cycle at a low cost is vital to stay competitive in today’s market.
Test Automation derives its root and prominence from this inevitable need.

Thus there is a lot of emphasis on test automation to:

  • Reduce the repeated effort (Time & Cost) in testing
  • Reduce the defect leakage and increase accuracy
  • Increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve software quality

HSC’s Test Automation Expertise

HSC’s Test Automation Strategy

HSC has a well-defined approach for test automation. HSC’s test architects work closely with customers to identify the automation needs and perform thorough analysis of all available open source and commercial automation tools which can serve the need. Test architects then prepare the automation strategy, present the study to the customer.
The implementation is started once the customer is satisfied and has approved the chosen test automation strategy.

The implementation approach has been captured in detail in the diagram below.

HSC’s Test Automation Strategy



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