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To cater to growing business needs (new use cases and higher volume), equipment vendors are adopting new technologies and domain specific hardware/software platforms. This poses multiple challenges to the application developer community such as learning new technologies, adapting to new methodologies, etc. To address these challenges and reduce overall time to market for the end-to-end solution based on such platforms, the key is to manage the complexity by way of abstraction. Software Development Kit is a set of tools that hides the underlying complexity and helps (third party) application developer to implement/ test/ debug a given use case specific software in reasonably lesser time. Depending on the business need, SDK may be as simple as the Application Programming Interface (like REST API development) or a complete ecosystem (consisting of API libraries, pre-built components, debugging facility, automated test environment with simulator/emulators, IDE plugins, code generation, bundled run-time environment, sample applications, interaction help, etc).

Enterprise Software Product DevelopmentHSC has extensive experience in SDK development for different platform vendors and has good insight of telecom (wireline and wireless) and datacom to understand the applicable use cases. The services offering in the SDK space are given below:



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