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the role of blockchains iot 1
The Role of Blockchains in IoT
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wifi video
Ushering in the era of Next Gen connectivity with WiFi 6
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deveops video
How DevOps is transforming the traditional SDLC
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robotics process automation
Robotic Process Automation and its Future
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an overview of itil
An Overview of ITIL: Framework & Best Practices
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iot in the post
IoT Security Trends in COVID 19
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social distancing
Social Distancing in Retail Sector during COVID 19
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role of social data
Implementing Social Data Analytics for maximizing profits in the Hospitality
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securing the internet of things
Securing IoT through Asset Management, PKI and IT OT Convergence
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ott monitization
OTT Monetization Models
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mac randomization
Effect of Apple's MAC Randomization Feature on Enterprises
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virtual reality
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: State of Technology, Market & Trends
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global ott video
Global OTT Video Business Fuelled by COVID 19 & Sustaining the OTT Phenomenon
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open roaming
OpenRoaming - An Enabler For Seamless Global Wi-Fi Roaming
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