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The travel business knows better than most that “The only thing that is constant is change”. Rapid evolution of technology and increasingly advanced customer demands have resulted in the need for low cost, fast and effective travel IT and operations systems. From the way guests book their itineraries, to the personalized experience that they expect, to the way the enterprise needs to provide smart experiences- the market has come a long way on innovation. Irrespective of their size, be it large hotels spread all over the globe to distinct boutique hotels, enterprises in this sector must wrestle with customer churn and cut-throat competition daily.

Digital transformation in hospitality industry aims to open new sources of monetization by providing integrated and tailored guest experience and driving operational efficiencies with streamlined backend operations. It also provides the travel and hospitality market with a unique ability to build more personal and immersive experiences for its guests that enhance loyalty at reduced cost. The industry is leveraging on technology to help it get back on track when it reopens in the post-COVID era. Digital solutions that can identify touchpoints and ensure minimum physical contact among the guests and the employees at each point of contact will take the center stage. Using technology Hospitality providers will be able to offer contactless customer journey, ensure social distancing, provide real-time communication and enable remote operations. This will help them regain customer confidence, ensure employee wellbeing and adapt to the requisite regulatory compliance liabilities.

Hughes Systique has garnered years of multi-faceted experience working with and supporting leading travel and hospitality entities. This has given us a perspective about what’s best for your Travel and Hospitality business. Over these years, we have built a suite of solutions and services to address the needs of Hotels, Hospitality Management Companies, Cruise Lines, Airlines and Airports.


At HSC, we leverage our deep expertise to harness the power of latest emerging technologies to enable the industry in providing a richer guest experience and optimizing operational costs. Our innovative technologies are focused on modernizing the core of your business. Here are some our exclusive services which could give you an advantage over your competition:





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