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Management and Orchestration in NFV environments

Management and orchestration (MANO) are integral elements of the ETSI NFV architecture. With many emerging applications migrating towards microservices-based architecture, NFV-MANO is no more confined to orchestrating virtual resources for the network functions. This field has made considerable progress in the last few years. Initial MANO strategies involved resource orchestration for VNF, life cycle management of these VNF, and stitching these VNF, representing a network service. However, automation and service agility has led to the evolution of MANO strategies. Zero-touch provisioning, monitoring analytics, and closed-loop automation are some of the vital MANO techniques now.

HSC MANO Expertise:

HSC MANO Expertise

Hughes Systique has extensive experience in the design and development of traditional network functions in telecom networks. As of the last few years, we have been executing projects in the emerging field of Network function virtualization, network softwarization with SDN, and software-based network function management. We offer Integration and DevOps services to our clients in the NFV-MANO domain.

NFV-MANO domain

Some of the services that HSC offers in the Management & Orchestration (MANO) space are as follows:



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