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DevOps Practice and Offerings

DevOps practices and offerings


DevOps has been the buzzword for quite some time now. An amalgamation of best practices, efficient tools and most importantly, cultural philosophies, DevOps boosts an organization’s ability to deliver at a much faster rate. This, in turn, helps them achieve faster Go-To-Market with a better customer experience.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery form the foundation of the DevOps practice that helps organizations become nimbler by evolving and improving their products/offerings.

Customer Benefits:

Some of the key customer benefits that DevOps provides over traditional software development and infrastructure management processes are:

  • Continuous and iterative deliveries

    • Features make it to the users quickly
  • Synergized processes between development, testing, and operations teams
    • Increased efficiency e.g. through automatic deployment, testing and build promotion
  • Quicker turnaround of change requests
    • Leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operational costs
    • Free and open-source toolchain
    • DevOps process automation service
    • Optimized infrastructure use and ease of modular deployments
  • Improved monitoring and quicker service recovery
    • HA, auto-scaling, disaster recovery, and service monitoring fully integrated into one solution
  • Improved software quality enabled by automation
    • All SDLC phases testing can be automated and integrated for overall product health
Improved software quality enabled by automation


HSC’s DevOps Practice and Offerings

HSC can be your ideal DevOps partner to help organizations deal with competitive pressures and effectively meet the growing business requirements.

Here are some of the offerings from HSC that can help organizations break down silos and move towards a more collaborative working culture:

  • DevOps process automation service: HSC skilled team can help the organizations with their DevOps journey,
    • Starting from tools selection to maintaining and supporting the end-to-end environments
      • Continuous Integration
      • Continuous Infrastructure
      • Continuous deployment/delivery
    • Defining and designing automated software delivery pipelines
    • Managing and monitoring customized pipelines
  • Implementation services
    • Set up and integrate the DevOps toolchain for your Agile transformation
    • Set up the processes for collaborative development, testing, deployment, and monitoring
  • Consultancy services
    • DevOps readiness assessment and planning
    • Toolchain assessment
    • Organizational change management
  • Support services
    • DevOps tools maintenance
  • Combined offering with cloud (both public and private) consultancy:
    • Enabling and managing AWS cloud deployments/migration
    • Enabling and managing private cloud deployments using OpenStack etc.

HSC’s Expertise:

HSC has an accomplished team of engineers who are experienced in working across the stages of the SDLC lifecycle. Competent in open source and commercial tools across the DevOps ecosystem, our engineers have delivered successful projects for clients in different sectors like retail, telecom, software development and automotive.

To know more about HSC’s DevOps practice and how we can help your organization deliver to customers in a fast and reliable manner, reach out to us using the form.



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