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Android Middleware

Android Middleware

Android Middleware Skills

HSC works with many leading OEMs and ISVs around the world, helping them customize Android Middleware software for very specific needs. Any vendor developing a new Android OS-based device may have unique requirements that most likely may not be present in a stock AOSP code. Most of these features are related to:

Our skills at a high level:

    • UI and Application Design Qt/GTK HMI development on Linux, Android Material and Native/Hybrid UI development
    • MultimediaHardware accelerated codec integration, HD video, integrating third party media stacks, DRM players, GStreamer integration, Stagefright customization.
    • TelephonyVoIP SDK developments, SIP/WebRTC harmonization layers, Business IP phone feature development
    • SecuritySE Linux/Android policy enforcement, hardening the kernel against DoS, MoTM and other forms of intrusion
    • Platform/DriversDevice driver development for new sensors & accessories, porting to different reference platforms/SoCs
    • Optimization: Kernel boot time optimizations, Linux and Android process optimizations
    • ConnectivityBT/NFC/Wi-Fi driver development, implementation of missing GATT profiles for BT, Wi-Fi Driver customizations, Beacon Protocol development around EddyStone and others.Our customers include Phone OEMs, Medical Device manufacturers, wearables, IOT Gateway developers, Building Automation Controllers, Automobile OEMs, HVAC controllers and Android-based toys
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