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Next Generation Hotspot Solution

Seamless Wi-Fi Access Platform (SWAP)


Earlier know as Next Generation Hotspot Solution, HSC’s Seamless Wi-Fi Access Platform (SWAP) is a leading managed Wi-Fi platform for enterprises and service providers that delivers a simple and secure Wi-Fi login experience and unlocks a “cellular-like” seamless Wi-Fi roaming for users. It upgrades your existing infrastructure and service to Hotspot2.0, a.k.a Passpoint™ standards, to automatically connect users across the networks after a one-time authentication.

SWAP provides users with an “Always on” Wi-Fi experience, upgrading the network security with enhanced authentication and encryption via WPA2/WPA3 enterprise security.

Brands looking to monetize their Wi-Fi service with rich business insights, location-based engagements or by partnering with third-party telcos where they can offer data offloading services can leverage the SWAP solution and create additional revenue streams and thus monetize their Wi-Fi Networks. This makes HSC’s Seamless Wi-Fi Access Platform an ideal Wi-Fi monetization platform.

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How It Works

SWAP complements the existing Access Points/WLC and upgrades it to the Passpoint™ standards to provide users with consistent Wi-Fi connectivity at every brand location, offering a seamless and secure Wi-Fi experience

Users will do a one-time registration, via multiple out-of-band methods, to onboard onto the SWAP and download a secure Passpoint profile into their device

Each time the users return or visit any of the brand locations or partner locations, they will automatically get connected to the Wi-Fi via a secure and encrypted connection

The diagram encapsulates the working of the Seamless Wi-Fi Access Platform Solution.


HSC has partnered with leading industry bodies to support the Hotspot2.0 a.k.a Passpoint™ ecosystem for wider promotion and adoption of the wireless technology.


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