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Network Function Virtualization


Network Functions Virtualization

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is an evolved system engineering approach for building complex applications, particularly in the telecommunications and service provider industries, by making effective use of virtualized resources. In the present scenarios, new applications are difficult to conceptualize. Thus, there is a greater focus on the consolidation of resources to optimize the cost. This is where NFC comes into play. NFV helps in re-engineering. Re-engineering mostly involves decoupling the logical network functions from the hardware platform and moving the software-only implementation of these functions to general-purpose high-performance servers using some virtualization framework. These software-only building blocks may be connected or chained together to create services.

HSC Expertise:

HSC has years of experience in working in NFV, both for product development as well as product testing, integration, and field deployment. We have actively worked with clients to migrate existing network functions to an NFV architecture and identify the optimal deployment configuration and infrastructure management approach.

HSC Expertise- Network Functions Virtualization

The network virtualization services offered by HSC in the NFV area are:

  • HSC works with the client technical team to design the deployment architecture and environment both for brand new NFV solutions as well as migration of existing solutions. The HSC team has multiple years of experience with OpenStack and Kubernetes as NFV deployment platforms.
  • HSC works with the client technical team to design and automate the NFV orchestration policies, including life cycle and performance management (MANO). We can also integrate legacy systems into the new framework.
  • HSC has experience with different types of NFV deployment platforms, including Akraino-based single-server deployments. Our architects can work both with private as well as hybrid models, extending from the edge to the cloud.
  • HSC is currently a development partner of Intel’s OpenNESS Edge platform.
  • HSC has a proprietary framework for integrated testing of NFV deployments in an isolated environment.



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