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Gone are the days when technologists and strategists would argue about the benefits and utility of “Virtualization”. What started as a means of server consolidation, has now transformed into a driving force that has the ability to virtualize and manage an organization’s entire hardware and software portfolio.

HSC’s expertise in Server Virtualization:

HSC has been one of the early adopters of virtualization technologies, keeping abreast of the latest innovations and actively applying them in customer projects. Our skilled network application engineers have worked closely with customer R&D teams to address some of the architectural and performance challenges faced in virtualizing core network functions.

Our Virtualization Service Offerings:

HSC offers Virtualization services in the following categories to considerably lower the CAPEX and OPEX of service providers.

1. Cloud Computing Services:

  • Cloud Migration of existing systems
  • Developing cloud ready solutions for enterprises
  • Implementation of OpenStack framework
  • Cloud orchestration services
  • Automation of cloud resource management

2. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Services:

  • Online/ Offline charging systems
  • Subscriber Management/ Service management for mobile services
  • Fault Management service
  • Evaluating, streamlining and implementing changes required in the Element Management systems
  • Management and Orchestration (MANO) for NFV.

3. Software Defined Networking (SDN) Services:

  • SDN applications on third party platforms
  • Development of broker layer (or interworking function) for mapping of the (vendor specific) proprietary API to OpenFlow API
  • Definition and implementation of northbound API for configuring switching devices
  • OpenFlow plugins development for different devices using OpenDayLight SDN Controller

To harness the full potential of virtualization, organizations must take the leap from plain vanilla consolidation to application-driven virtualization that will help seamlessly integrate the applications and infrastructure. Need help increasing the adoption of cloud-based services and platforms in your enterprise?



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