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Mobile Edge Computing

Mobile Edge Computing


Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a game-changing application and the killer app for 5G networks. Profound changes are being made to the 5G core network and RAN design to accommodate MEC as the basis for futuristic application development and deployment. Once deployed, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) can bring in strong synergies between application deployment platforms and cellular networks, the one for easy deployment and application management and the other for its reach into every consumer’s proximity. We have already seen multiple edge deployment platforms available to application developers. By integrating these with modern edge deployment frameworks and software-defined networks, application developers will be able to develop modular applications which can be placed automatically deep into the cellular network near the end-user, which in turn will see massive progress in terms of network latency and bandwidth, computing speeds and seamless application integration.

By utilizing a plethora of modern device/network virtualization platforms, and distributed media processing platforms (GStreamer and OpenCV), HSC is developing integrated platforms for distributed multimedia processing and computer vision. We can work on all fronts, from edge-based front ends (web cameras, drones, mobile phones) to integrated AI-based processors in the backend.

HSC Expertise:

HSC Expertise-Mobile Edge Computing

Hughes Systique has developed platforms and frameworks to assist our customers in migrating to the age of the Edge Cloud, keeping in sync with the mobile edge computing trends. We have expertise in the following services:

  • Development of applications for edge deployment; migration of existing applications to an edge/cloud model
  • Expertise in open-source edge stacks like Akraino/Starlingx and commercial offerings such as the Intel OpenNESS platform
  • Edge orchestration and deployment solutions for automatic deployment of hybrid applications in the edge and core networks
  • SDN-based service flow provisioning and management using SRv6 and other emerging SFC protocols.
  • Application testing and performance verification; from the edge to the public cloud



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