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Cloud Security

Cloud Security


Cloud has been a preferred business choice for flexibility across remote access, mobility, and cost-efficient control of IT systems. With the adoption of cloud and edge computing, many mission-critical applications have migrated to the cloud, contributing to data privacy and security concerns. Insecure APIs, configuration oversight, and data loss are the most common vulnerabilities among cloud applications, contributing to enterprise cloud security concerns. Distributed DoS attacks have emerged as a significant threat that can cause severe outages and even exposure to sensitive data.

With more and more data being pushed to the cloud, the attack surface has expanded to an enormous scale, giving way to new-age threats, including the infamous ransomware attacks. Therefore, there is a rise in companies offering enterprise cloud security services and cloud security managed services. This helps to protect the humungous data in the cloud through security monitoring, reporting, automation, and technical support. It is usually backed by a dedicated team provided by the cloud security managed services provider.

Enterprise Cloud Security Offerings

Armed with the practical know-how in the multi-vendor cloud such as AWS, Google, and Azure, Hughes Systique, helps enterprises adapt to a cloud environment. This helps them gain the much-needed scalability and helps them successfully transform in the changing business landscape. Here are some of the key enterprise cloud security service offerings from HSC that help businesses protect their data in the cloud.

Hughes Systique provides enterprise cloud security consulting and management that can help organizations in the smooth functioning of their multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environment. HSC also offers cloud security managed services with its Managed Security Operations Center offering to help businesses save on costs and make their businesses secure.



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