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Device Security

Device Security


Modern IoT ecosystems are complex as they comprise of a plethora of connected devices. Trust is the key ingredient that helps realize the full potential of IoT. IoT devices as well as the IoT ecosystem must be digitally secure so that vulnerabilities in one part does not put the security of the entire system at risk. The prime intent of attackers in today’s world of interconnected devices is to capitalize on the weak security of IoT products. Monetization on IoT botnets for stealth-like attacks is majorly conducted by groups of malwares Mirai using exploits, Nyadrop Gafgyt using brute-force techniques. Businesses, therefore, want to firewall unauthenticated devices over both wired and wireless networks using different network authentication frameworks.

In today’s scenario, embedding the SSL layer on devices demands processing and memory power of the device along with the implementation and modification of the cipher-suites.


HSC’s Offerings in Device Security:

Platform experience: HSC works with industry leaders in Device Management, and has over the years gained practical know-how in securing the Android, Linux, Peta, Yocto, Xilinx and Sitara platforms

Security protocols/layers expertise: HSC’s security engineers have deep knowledge of various security protocols/layers such as SSL, TLS 1.2, 1.3, EAP, PEAP, DTLS, Encryption/Decryption methods and Quantum safe key distribution.

HSC with its knowledge and service offerings can be your trusted software partner to help you mitigate the various evolving cybersecurity risks, unlock visibility across IT, OT and IoT and realize the benefits of IoT.



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