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The application layer is difficult to defend against malicious attacks by offenders and hackers. Because it is more accessible to the external world, it is highly vulnerable to attacks that can easily trespass intrusion detection systems. Malware, DDoS attacks, and SQL injections formulate the top three application security attacks where attackers could manipulate web application input to obtain confidential information without getting sniffed by defense systems which are classified as zero-day vulnerabilities. It is now being realized that security is no more the last certification stage, it is embedded along with the development cycle like Operations and now Development, Security, and Operations go hand in hand.

Different tools and focus are needed during the various stages of application development to make it secure:

HSC’s Web Application Security Experience:

HSC has extensive practical know-how in Web Application Security. Our experienced engineers implement the globally recognized best practices at all levels, namely development, deployment, and operations, following a DevSecOps approach. Their years of experience, coupled with their deep understanding of SDLC can help evaluate and transform your shift-left practices. To help customers securely build, deploy and manage their applications, HSC conducts Vulnerability Assessment (VA) which includes System Architecture analysis, Web-app best practices review, and VA scans using SAST/DAST tools. We also strategize to address vulnerabilities by doing an analysis of the VA Scan findings and taking remedial actions.



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