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Software Defined Networks


Software Defined Networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) is one of the critical enablers driving the digital transformation of next-generation networks. There have been accelerating industry-wide efforts for swapping traditional networking architectures with SDN-based network architectures. Emerging technologies like IoT, MEC, and 5G need SDN to deliver an agile and flexible network infrastructure capable of handling varying user demands and diverse network scenarios.

HSC’s SDN Expertise:

Hughes Systique (HSC) provides end-to-end engineering services to its clients in the SDN space. HSC engineering team is an active contributor to open-source SDN controller ONOS providing bug fixes in their core modules and extending existing protocols supported in ONOS.

HSC’s proficiency in Software Defined Networking spans the following categories:

HSC’s proficiency in Software Defined Networking

At HSC, we understand that SDN is an evolving area and opens new software development opportunities. We have good experience in the development of SDN applications and controllers, API, SDK and protocol development.
Contact us if you are looking to simplify business operations, improve business agility, build programmable networks, and achieve faster Time-to-Market.

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