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Test Management Process

Test Management Process

Test Management comprises of services such as Test Strategy design, Test Setup design, Test Planning and writing Test Procedures.

HSC has rich experience in test management activities and has performed these activities as standalone tasks as well as part of overall QA services.
HSC software test management services adopt best practices, ensure maximum possible process agility, and put in place a customized test management strategy which
helps the customer achieve the highest quality of products/systems. With strong expertise in test management, HSC focuses on selecting the best test management method, writing thorough test design and cases, and adopting best-in-class tools.

Test Strategy Design

test strategy is an outline that describes the testing approach of a software development life cycle.
It is created to inform project managers, testers, and developers about key issues of the testing process. This includes the testing objective, methods of testing new features, total time and resources required for the project.

At HSC, we recognize this and publish a well-defined test strategy which highlights product risks of the stakeholders, mitigation approach, types of tests to be performed with entry and exit criteria.
It also outlines items like test phases, roles and responsibilities, tools to be used, test schedule/effort, automation strategy, risks and test reporting.

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Test Setup Design

A typical test bed/test environment includes specified hardware and software which can be used to perform testing for the system under test. For test setup HSC follows a robust process involving setup of environment for testing (setup of required hardware, software and networking requirements), deployment of releases, sanity on the test bed environment, the test bed environment approval by all the stakeholders and required test data configuration for the system under test.

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Test Planning

A test plan documents the strategy that will be used to verify and ensure that a product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements.
A test plan identifies requirements, risks, test cases, test environments, test schedules, and other related items.

Success of any testing is determined by test planning as this ensures good quality. At HSC, we recognize this and we involve the test team right at the time
of requirements discussion and follow processes outlined below to ensure proper test coverage.

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Test Procedures

A test procedure defines the aspects that must be validated to ensure that the system is working as desired and is built with a high level of quality. This can be a single step, or a sequence of steps to test the correct behavior/functionality and features of an application.

HSC test procedures adhere to the following steps to ensure the test procedures are written in the best way.

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