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Businesses are researching options to enhance the security of IoT devices with increased trust and transparency using Blockchain. The use of Blockchain within IoT is imperative as it provides a decentralized environment to the IoT ecosystem. Although the immutability feature is seen as a USP for Blockchain, many businesses are hesitant to invest in real-life use cases.

Blockchain council has made a list of few promising use cases of Blockchain. The supply-chain is the most plausible fit for Blockchain beyond the financial market. Several industries are now looking for a secured medium of sensitive data communication, digital identity management, and tamper-proof voting.

HSC’s offerings in Blockchain:

  1. LASER is a Blockchain-agnostic service layer design for secured interoperable transactions offering SWIFT-like transactions across Blockchains.
  2. DeVeDa is a secure database that can authenticate the history of old and used vehicles.
  3. StockPile is a supply chain network that authenticates transactions to ensure trust & transparency across multiple parties.



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