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Data Security

Data Security


With new data security laws like GDPR, there is a whole new focus on securing sensitive data. Clear text or default passwords have always been a source of opening backdoors by a brute-force attack. Password authentication has been the key to access control over devices. However, with the same or default passwords given on publication, they can prove to be the initial cause of brute force attacks. Tokens can be a good alternative to sharing sensitive data such as usernames and passwords over unsecured networks. Encryption on tokens can assure no communication of private data.

HSC provides custom data security services to help enterprises safeguard their organization’s critical data by incorporating a strategy that is risk-balanced as well as based on the latest data security best practices. Here’s how HSC provides differentiated services for data-at-rest and data-in-motion:


Data at Rest


Data In Motion

With both consulting and integration services, HSC can help enterprises optimize control over data using market-leading data loss prevention and data encryption technologies.



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