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Managed SOC


As cybersecurity attacks have increased in volume and complexity, organizations face the challenges of dealing with them. Therefore, there has been a growing business need for managed security operations center services (MSOC Services).

Here are some of the key business challenges faced by enterprises regarding their cybersecurity landscape:

At HSC, we specialize in detecting cyber-attacks in real-time, empowering security teams to respond swiftly and effectively. Our enhanced SOC services combine proven technologies to deliver unprecedented results. Moreover, leveraging our Managed Security Operations Center (MSOC) offerings, you can enhance your IT infrastructure’s security and ensure high availability and performance while mitigating risks.

Managed Security Operations Center as a Service

With the increase in automation, the threat landscape has become even more complex. Therefore, organizations must evolve their security operations to keep pace with the changes that the threat actors are bringing about. Managed security providers can offer continuous coverage and guaranteed service via service level agreements (SLAs). Hence, having these systems in place helps define the scope and delivery of services. It includes updating with required software updates and patches as they become available or fortifying with countermeasures against a new threat.

Managed SOC-as-a-Service:

A Managed SOC comprehensively monitors and analyzes an organization’s threat landscape. It includes the IT network, devices, applications, endpoints (attack surface), and data for known and evolving vulnerabilities, risks, and threats.

Here are some of the managed security operations center service offerings from Hughes Systique:

Threat Intelligence:

We develop and maintain an evolving database of potential threats to improve our mitigation and remediation processes.

Continuous Monitoring:

Our team that provides Managed Security Operations Center services offers 24×7 availability. Consequently, this allows us to continuously monitor an enterprise’s networks, systems, and applications in real time. Therefore, we can provide prompt response and remediation to security incidents.


By partnering with Hughes Systique, you can strengthen your security posture with our SIEM & SOAR expertise. Our offerings include advanced threat detection, real-time analysis, and automated response capabilities. Therefore, we can streamline your security operations and enhance incident response due to our diverse expertise in leading SIEM tools such as Microsoft Sentinel, IBM QRadar, and FortiSIEM with certified security analysts.

SOC Analysts:

Our Security Operations Center is staffed with seasoned cybersecurity experts with a broad range of cybersecurity certifications. This includes Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform certified expertise, and EC-Council certifications such as CEH, ECIH, and CSA.

Reporting & Compliance:

HSC’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is ISO 27001:2022 certified and GDPR compliant.

Endpoint Detection & Response:

We help our customers elevate their security posture with our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services. Consequently, this helps us provide threat detection, containment, alert reduction, and customizable policy deployment for comprehensive protection.

Vulnerability Management:

From continuous vulnerability assessment and risk identification to defined rescanning processes and impact-driven vulnerability reporting, HSC offers end-to-end services. At the same time, we ensure proactive protection against emerging threats, empowering you to mitigate risks efficiently and safeguard your critical assets.

Cloud Security Services:

By providing multi-cloud security on a single platform, we offer customized dashboards and reporting as per organizational needs. Finally, we also set up the necessary automation workflows to remediate them.

Attack Surface Management:

We provide a holistic approach to fortify your digital perimeter with services such as Cyber & Compliance Rating, Vulnerability Heat Map, Brand Monitoring, and Domain/IP Reputation tracking.

Security Platform Management:

Our expertise in platform architecture & design enables us to provide tailored solutions to solve customer’s unique requirements. We also offer flexible deployment models and implementation as part of our Managed Security Operations Center services. This ensures seamless integration as per customers’ business needs. We conduct configuration & platform maintenance and health monitoring at regular intervals. By doing so, we ensure that the customer’s security infrastructure remains resilient and up-to-date and their digital assets are safe 24X7.

HSC’s Tools and Platform Expertise:

Let us now take a look at HSC’s Tools and Platforms expertise.


Data Analytics for Security and Compliance

Endpoint Protection

Vulnerability Management

Threat Detection & Compliance Management

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