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Mobile Applications

Mobile application testing or mobile testing is a process by which mobile applications are validated against various requirements as below:

To ensure a comprehensive test coverage which can take care of all these parameters is a large challenge for any organization.

HSC has experience in manual and automated mobile application testing for native, webView and hybrid applications on most Android, iOS and Windows OS platforms. We also have the experience of using open source automation tools such as Appium, MonkeyTalk, Monkey and building test frameworks using TradeFed and Robot.

HSC has developed a Mobile Application Test Automation Framework which can be used as an accelerator for reducing the time to market for customers.

Some Case Studies:

Web Applications and Web Services

Several aspects are involved in a typical web application or web service testing to ensure that the web-based system meets its objective. These are functional testing, security testing,
performance testing, interface testing, usability and compatibility testing.

Over the years HSC has developed strong expertise and experience in both web applications and web services testing (SOAP and REST based). HSC’s engineering team has exposure to tools – both open source and commercial,
like Selenium, Watir, RSpec, UFT, LoadRunner, Sahi, SOAP UI, Jmeter, Web inspect and others.

We have built an automation framework for web testing, which can be used as an accelerator to help customers test their applications quickly.

Some Case Studies:


Wireless is an important focus are at HSC in providing R&D services to various Tier1 and Tier2 OEMs and operators in different technologies like UMTS, Satellite Communication, LTE & WiFi.

HSC offers testing services in wireless domains, starting from wireless protocol testing to end-to-end system testing, field testing, integration testing, interoperability and performance testing in GSM, UMTS, CDMA, EVDO, LTE, GMR-3G, WLAN, WiMAX, satellite communications and others. HSC has experience of using different tools for the validation of wireless networks like Spirent, Ixia,
signal Generators and analyzers, Nethawk and more. HSC is experienced in setting up and maintaining large-scale remote labs at offshore locations.

Some Case Studies:


With the onset of major consumer services in messaging, entertainment and infotainment, multimedia testing is an emerging domain for the software industry.

HSC understands that and, over time, has gained rich experience in testing several OTT player deployments across different platforms like mobile devices, Roku, STB, desktop-based, FireTV and other platforms. Additionally,
HSC has experience in testing the messaging infrastructure based on Web-RTC and SIP-based protocols, at both the server and client sides.

Some Case Studies:

Network Applications and Cloud

The fast-growing need for developing quick and complex applications and running these applications on reliable and highly available infrastructure has added a new paradigm to testing in this domain.

For this, HSC extends its testing services by helping customers in testing solutions like Enterprise SDK, web applications, location-based service applications, IN/VAS applications, application level gateways or interworking functions, OSS applications (CRM and billing), NMS/EMS solutions etc. HSC offers testing services like functional, security, reliability, scalability and failover testing.

In addition, HSC offers testing services to validate NFV, cloud and SDN solutions. HSC has extensive experience in testing based on cloud infrastructures like AWS EC2, VMWare, OpenStack, Evolved Packet Core testing, IMS testing and others.

Some Case Studies:



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