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OTT Middleware

OTT Middleware

OTT/IPTV/Broadcasting Middleware:

The future of TV is a unique experience on the big screen and across multiple displays; delivering what customers want to watch and also when and where they want to watch it. The delivery of video (VOD or Live Stream) to the consumer involves video content preparation (acquisition, ingestion, encoding, packaging, segmentation, DRM), distribution (publishing) via CDN, and then fulfillment. OTT middleware is a collection of de-coupled software services/components deployed on an application server that enables the authenticated consumer/subscriber(s) to view/play the video content (Live Stream, Video on Demand, and Catch up TV, etc.). A high-level pictorial view of the OTT components is presented below:

OTT components

HSC has rich experience in building OTT / IPTV solutions. In the OTT Middleware space, our core expertise is in the following areas:

OTT Integrations:

OTT Integrations



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