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Corporate Social Responsibility 1

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hughes Systique is committed to continue working towards its vision of being a Responsible Corporate Citizen, complying with business ethics and undertaking philanthropic/social initiatives aimed at the communities’ environment. Ever since its inception, HSC has stood for integrity, excellence and shared success for all its stakeholders. The CSR framework at HSC is based on ethical corporate governance internal controls and a solid determination to ethically add value to the social, environmental and economic development of the communities in which we operate.

HSC’s CSR Focus

The Core Focus Areas of our CSR arm are

  • Community Development through employable skills development programs, health services, and education programs.
  • Green HSC: Waste Reduction Management
  • Environment Protection Conservation

Let us take a look at each of these key focus areas:

Community Involvement and Development:

In collaboration with the NIIT Foundation (NF), HSC has sponsored batches of career courses (in the Retail Showroom) at NF’s centres. It is heartening to report that 100+ youth have benefitted from these HSC-sponsored batches

  • HSC works with “Sukarya” to organize medical camps inside urban slums in Gurgaon (
  • In collaboration with Goonj, HSC contributes food, medicines other essentials which are crucial for survival during natural calamities in different parts of India. ().
  • On the education frontier, HSC has turned a new leaf and is now working with Setu, an NGO that runs a school with 500+ children.

Environmental Impacts:

Parivartan, the strategic sustainability initiative undertaken by Hughes Systique Corporation in-line with its Reduce, Reuse and Recycle policy, launched the Go Green campaign. Some of the key actions that were undertaken as a part of this campaign are as follows:

  • Curbing paper usage (through tissues) by switching to electrical hand dryers. This helped to reduce the consumption of approximately 75,000 tissues per month, saving one full-grown tree every two months.
  • Migrating to ceramic cups from paper cups
  • Recycling of all used paper through our NGO partners, Green-o-bin, monthly. We also purchase recycled paper products from them.
  • Recycling all non-functional electronic equipment, including Servers, Storage, Monitors, Desktops and Laptops which contain hazardous and toxic materials through our E-waste recycler. So far, almost 4600 kg of material has been handed over to them.

Apart from these strategic initiatives, HSC organizes Distribution Drives, Blood Donation Camps, Health check-ups, Health Awareness Camps, Vaccination Drives, etc., at regular intervals.

Please click here to read our CSR policy.

Please click here to read our ESG policy.

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