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How Entrepreneurs Are Using Android OS

In the book Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson, Johnson explains the adjacent possible as a series of rooms and doors. Growing on the idea that innovation takes time and great entrepreneurs often stand on the shoulders of the technology that came before (think YouTube using Adobe and internet connection). He uses the metaphor of rooms and doors to show what is possible right now: if you are in one room, you open a door to get to the next room and expand your world, but you cannot get to a room five doors down without first opening more doors and building more rooms in between.

For example, personal hover-craft commuter cars might be possible, but the infrastructure, price point, and safety are not yet realistic to bring to the streets. Technologies embedded with the Android operating system are rapidly connecting rooms and opening doors to what is possible. Innovators and entrepreneurs love the open source and are building houses in the adjacent possible world. Below are some examples of how businesses are harnessing smart technology to change what we consider “business as usual.”

Revolutionizing The Channel Changer

In the ever-innovating world of television and media, one company decided to cause a disruption in an unlikely space:  the remote! The Andi-One universal remote runs Android and connects users with their favorite channels, their Facebook friends, and naturally, Google Play apps. Of course, with the open-source attitude of Android, it’s not long before this technology takes mundane and makes it remarkable with everything we do. Block off the holes between your couch cushions – this is one remote you do not want to lose.

Organizing Leads

Just getting started on an innovative project powered by Android? Connect with the influencers and the people that support your product with Call Tracker for Salesforce. If you’re familiar with Salesforce, this is the free deluxe body kit for tracking calls. The application allows you to access your CRM dashboard to add notes, voice memos, and call logs of your communication when you’re on the road making sales and closing deals.

Collecting Payment

Square is one device that’s making it easy for businesses to operate on all cylinders. Setting up payment methods has never been so easy! Square sends users the point of sale system where they can start collecting payment right on a phone or tablet – wherever business is happening. Kiss accounts receivable goodbye! With Android running through the veins, the system automatically updates sales and produces reports as detailed as you’d like.

Entrepreneurial Stress Relief

Okay, some technologies are more useful than others, but for sheer enjoyment, the V-Sido x RIC Ninja Master is about as fun as it gets. The entrepreneurial RT Corporation in Japan developed this beta fighter. The robot marks the first time in the world that Android has powered full-sized robots that have played against humans.

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