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Application Server Development

Application Server Development

Application Server Development

With the ubiquitous access to the Internet (particularly from mobile devices), there is a change in the way different services are being offered and a significant increase in launch of innovative services. The growth of Internet has resulted in a demand for high performance and reliable services across multiple verticals. These services are usually custom-built and then hosted by an enterprise or a service provider. At HSC we execute such Network Application development projects and help conceptualize & build such services (either as a turnkey solution developer or as a development partner).

At HSC we understand that the essence of building ‘new innovative solutions’ is being able to bring the Telecom and the Internet world together and be able to benefit from each other’s infrastructure. This is easier said than done, because traditionally core Telecom skills and Internet skills are very different in nature and it is hard to build a team that understands both sides of the coin. Recognizing this challenge, HSC has built a team of people who understands both worlds well and helps our customers realize their ‘concept’ by offering to do the server side application development.

Application Server Development

HSC has extensive experience in application development for such services and the related deployment and sustenance cycle. The product engineering services offered by HSC in the above areas are given below:

Mean Stack skills:

Java Application Development and UI Skills:

Database skills:

Telco Apps and IN/VAS skills:

Other skills:



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