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Enhancing Guest Experience and Revenue with Passpoint based Wi Fi Solution

Enhancing Guest Experience and Revenue with Passpoint based Wi-Fi Solution

Enhanced guest experience is the holy grail for success in the highly competitive hospitality industry. It leads to cost savings, consistent revenue, a positive brand reputation, and increased profit margins. Wi-Fi services provided by hotels are connected to guest retention as they directly influence the guest experience by providing personalization, greater engagement, more convenience, a plethora of data-driven insights, and revenue generation opportunities. This helps in the trust-building and loyalty of the guests. Thus, a reliable and well-managed Wi-Fi service can be a positive factor in ensuring guests’ loyalty as they return to the hotel, making it an indispensable part of its growth engine.

At Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC), we recognize technology’s influential role in increasing hotel guest retention. In this blog, we will look closely at the pain points experienced by the hospitality industry and demonstrate how HSC’s Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Wi-Fi Onboarding using Passpoint, aka Hotspot 2.0 specifications, addresses these challenges while delivering substantial value.

Offering Enhanced Onboarding Experience

Guests look for immediate engagement and a sense of importance right from the moment they walk into a hotel. Unfortunately, traditional check-in processes with key cards often feel impersonal, lengthy and fail to create the desired interaction.

When guests enter a hotel whose premises are powered by HSC’s NGH Solution, they can immediately connect to the Wi-Fi network using a QR code or by downloading a profile. This can be done even during the booking of the hotel. Upon entering the hotel, guests will receive a personalized and welcoming message that stays with them on an emotional level. This innovative feature revolutionizes the check-in experience and transforms it from a mundane task into an unforgettable moment while addressing the issue of impersonal check-ins.

Providing Uninterrupted Connectivity

Hotel guests often encounter invigorating challenges with the hotel’s Wi-Fi experience, which affects their overall stay. The resolution requires multiple steps, and passwords, causing delay and frustration—especially for weary travelers looking for a seamless connection. Moreover, guests often struggle to connect to essential network information, like SSIDs and passwords, which adds further inconvenience. Security is also a significant concern, as guests worry about the safety of their data on public networks.

Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) by HSC addresses these concerns thoroughly. NGH streamlines the onboarding process through mobile apps or web portals, simplifying registration and authentication and eliminating the need for complicated procedures. It also provides clear, readily available instructions on connecting to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network, reducing the effort. Overall, NGH transforms the hotel Wi-Fi network experience, making it user-friendly, efficient, and secure, significantly enhancing guest satisfaction and hotel stay.

Building Trust Through Security

Guests are more vigilant than ever about safeguarding their personal information. Security breaches or privacy concerns can severely tarnish a hotel’s reputation. These networks are often inadequately encrypted, creating opportunities for cybercriminals to intercept data, such as login credentials and credit card information. Attackers can set up rogue Wi-Fi hotspots with names like legitimate hotel networks, tricking unsuspecting guests into connecting to malicious networks. Malware distribution is another risk, as cybercriminals can exploit public Wi-Fi to deliver harmful software to connected devices. Mishandling guest data can result in privacy violations and regulatory fines. To safeguard guests and their reputations, hotels must prioritize network security, compliance with data protection regulations, and guest awareness of these risks.

HSC’s NGH, which uses Passpoint, addresses these concerns head-on with its robust security measures, including WPA2/WPA3 enterprise-grade security. By ensuring secure and private connections, hotels can instill trust and confidence in their guests right from the moment they connect to the Wi-Fi network. This not only enhances the onboarding experience but also addresses the pain point of security concerns, assuring guests that their data is in safe hands.

Monetizing Wi-Fi: Maximizing Profit Potential through innovative sources

1. Informed Decision-Making for Revenue Growth

Data is the lifeblood of the digital age, and hotels are no exception to this rule. Understanding guest behaviors and preferences is essential for delivering superior experiences. Yet, many hotels grapple with the challenge of insufficient data, hindering their ability to make informed decisions and enhance their offerings.

NGH’s Network Analytics feature transforms this landscape. Hotels can gain valuable insights into guest data usage patterns through network analytics, revolutionizing their decision-making processes. By analyzing data on guest behavior, preferences, and network usage, hotels can tailor their services to meet specific guest needs. For instance, if analytics reveal that many guests stream content on their devices, the hotel can invest in faster internet connections to enhance the guest experience.

2. Streamlined Operations for Efficiency

Managing many systems and troubleshooting connectivity issues can be a logistical nightmare for hotel IT teams. The resulting inefficiencies can disrupt both guest experiences and operational effectiveness.

HSC’s NGH Solution has a central dashboard that significantly improves hotel operational efficiency by offering a centralized platform to manage and oversee network operations. Before its introduction, hotels struggled with fragmented and complex IT infrastructure, leading to time-consuming troubleshooting and operational bottlenecks. With the dashboard, hotel staff can easily monitor network performance, identify issues promptly, and make real-time adjustments, simplifying tasks and ensuring a seamless guest experience. This enhancement in efficiency translates to smoother day-to-day operations, reduced IT workload, and, ultimately, improved guest satisfaction.

3. Revenue Enhancement Through Personalization

Hotels can achieve revenue enhancement through personalization by implementing proximity engagement strategies. Location data, when integrated with network analytics, provides even more profound insights. It can reveal where guests spend their time within the hotel premises, helping hotels optimize services and offerings accordingly. For example, if data shows that many guests gather in the lobby, the hotel may decide to host more social events or set up a coffee bar in that area to boost revenue.

Additionally, hotels can introduce tiered loyalty programs with varying levels like silver, gold, and platinum. Each tier can provide premium Quality of Service (QoS) features, such as higher Wi-Fi speed and increased data volume allowances. This personalization not only drives guest satisfaction but also encourages loyalty, repeat bookings, and increased on-site spending, ultimately boosting revenue.

By harnessing the power of data through Network Analytics, hotels make informed decisions, optimizing services to align with guest preferences and behaviors, directly impacting revenue growth. Streamlined operations achieved with the NGH Central dashboard not only enhance efficiency but also reduce IT workload, ensuring that guests experience seamless stays, leading to increased guest satisfaction, positive reviews, and repeat bookings. Moreover, NGH’s personalization capabilities, driven by proximity engagement and tiered loyalty programs, cultivate guest loyalty and elevate on-site spending, further boosting revenue. In essence, NGH empowers hotels to unlock their full potential, not only enriching the guest journey but also enhancing profitability, making it a game-changer in the hospitality industry.

Simplified Guest Choices and Interactions

Guests often encounter issues with the abundance of choices in hotels, ranging from room types to dining options and Wi-Fi plans. This can lead to decision fatigue and dissatisfaction as they navigate a complex array of choices. Furthermore, the inconvenience of downloading multiple apps for various hotel services, such as room service, spa bookings, and Wi-Fi access, can exacerbate this problem. Guests prefer a streamlined experience that allows them to access all services from a single, user-friendly platform. Simplifying choices and consolidating services into a single hotel app or portal can enhance guest satisfaction by reducing confusion and enhancing convenience during their stay.

HSC’s NGH seamlessly integrates with hotel apps, enabling guests to effortlessly access services, request assistance, or place orders. This streamlines guest interactions, making their stay more enjoyable and reducing the need for multiple app downloads or dealing with connectivity issues. It addresses the pain point of guest inconvenience, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Enhancing Guest Satisfaction with Open Roaming

Guests often experience interruptions and disconnections when transitioning between different Wi-Fi networks, such as airport Wi-Fi, in-cab connectivity, and hotel Wi-Fi. This can lead to a disjointed online experience and hamper guest satisfaction.

Open Roaming, a Wi-Fi roaming solution by Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), offers a promising solution to this problem. It allows devices to automatically connect to trusted Wi-Fi networks without the need for manual login or authentication. By implementing Open Roaming, hotels can provide their guests with uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity that seamlessly transitions as they move from one network to another, ensuring a consistent and frustration-free online experience.

Next-Generation Hotspot (NGH) solution supports Open Roaming, making it an ideal choice for hotels looking to enhance their guests’ Wi-Fi experience. With NGH’s Open Roaming support, guests can enjoy continuous and secure connectivity throughout their entire journey, from arrival at the airport to their hotel stay and departure. This not only improves guest satisfaction but also positions the hotel as tech-savvy and guest-centric, contributing to enhanced guest retention and positive reviews. In an increasingly connected world, offering seamless Wi-Fi connectivity is an asset for hotels striving to provide exceptional guest experiences.

HSC’s Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) which uses Passpoint specification is a catalyst for transformation in the hospitality industry. It takes the pain points faced by hotel chains and turns them into opportunities for creating exceptional value. By delivering an enhanced onboarding experience, increasing revenue streams, enhancing operational efficiency, and ultimately ensuring customer retention, NGH has become a game-changer for hotels worldwide. Embracing this solution isn’t merely an option; it’s a strategic imperative for hotel chains looking to thrive in the modern hospitality landscape.

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