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Advantages Of Having A Corporate Learning Management Solution  Ensuring Learning Continues In Times of COVID 19

Advantages Of Having A Corporate Learning Management Solution: Ensuring Learning Continues In Times of COVID-19

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June 2, 2020


The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought life and economic activity to a virtual standstill. Extensive lockdowns to stop the viral spread has shaken the way business used to be conducted, requiring changes in overall business operations, from how people commute to how people communicate. This is anticipated to be a prolonged situation, and hence is being referred to as, the “New Normal”.

Prominent sectors like travel, tourism, retail, aviation & others have taken a major hit in recent times. And while the COVID-19 situation has stalled most of the economies, it has also dazzled some with the new world order, post-COVID-19. Suddenly things that were never in the purview of development such as social distancing, personal health & hygiene, have become an important part of discussions.

The new world order post-pandemic will bring forth a host of new business opportunities for enterprises. Guest-facing companies in different markets like travel & hospitality, retail, aviation, etc. where human interaction is the key to driving business, will need to equip their staff with new models of customer service. New norms such as social distancing will limit the way companies operate today. Going forward, technology will play a significant role in re-defining the business operations and early adopters would be at an advantage.

Importance of Learning & Development in Corporates

Learning and development have always been an integral part of the talent management process of any organization. It is a continuous process that helps organizations to be relevant in their respective markets. Constant learning helps organizations in keeping their workforce motivated and engaged.

Employees benefit by adding suitable skills to their profile and furthering their career paths. These training resources can help employees in building technical expertise in an area or even for working on personal development by honing skills like communication, leadership, etc.

The organizations that incorporate a learning culture, have seen a significant improvement in business outcomes, to the tune of 46%. It proves the importance and direct impact of learning on the growth of any organization

Proportion of Companies tha outperformed their peers on various fronts by Implementing Learning Culture V1

One of the biggest challenges faced by any organization while hiring for a skilled job is the scarcity of specific skillset.

y o y coporate skill gap

According to a report by ManpowerGroup- “40% of employers globally are having difficulty filling positions”

Internal learning culture in the organizations plays an important role in overcoming this vast shortage of talent. Over half of the employers now fulfil their open positions from their existing employees by relying on their in-house training and development. It thus helps the organizations to grow organically and encourages employees for self-development.


Impact of Covid-19 on Corporate L&D

COVID- 19 has posed a challenge to the organizations by shutting down offices overnight with most of the workforce working remotely. The traditional methods of learning, that were confined within the walls of the office premises, have now become obsolete. Organizations need to come up with new processes to ensure the continuity of their learning tradition.

The ongoing situation demands new business processes to reduce human touch-points and maintain social-distancing for business continuity. And that makes learning even more important to ensure employee awareness and knowledge transfers.

Organizations globally are relying on technology solutions to transform their daily business operations. Similarly, in the space of learning, technology will be playing a very crucial role in making learning accessible to all within an organization.

Corporate e-Learning – The Road Ahead

Learning has now evolved from just being a Classroom-Based Learning (CBL) to a more flexible, informal, and collaborative process. Technology has played an important role in making learning more accessible to learners and finding new ways to engage learners in different ways.

evolution of corporate eLearning

Incorporating a corporate e-learning solution can help organizations meet their learning objectives in the current situation. It empowers organizations to train their remote workforce and enable them for future needs. In this era of Netflix and YouTube, employees are enabled with the flexibility to access training at their own will and pace. With features like advanced search and filtering, employees can search and consume relevant materials whenever needed. In addition to the flexibility to learn, gamification in such solutions helps in higher engagement levels and can even help in improving overall retention too.

Corporate e-learning solutions bring in a host of other values for the organizations, which are summed up as follows:

Ease of Training

It helps organizations bring in more control over the process of employee trainings. Employees can be assigned mandatory training as part of their organization or their learning objectives. HR and managers can easily track the performance of various pieces of training at a single employee, team, department, or an organization level.

The robust content management system (CMS) functionality eliminates the struggle of organizations to manage the massive collection of learning materials at a single place in a structured way. CMS allows easy categorization of data based on the various parameters such as training type, topic, trainer, etc.

Employers are also saved from various logistical and operational challenges of conducting different training sessions.

Extended training horizon

An organization can have several sales reps on the field at any given point of time. As they are constantly on the move, it is possible that they may not have information regarding a newly launched product or service. In such a scenario they might require refresher training. A corporate e-learning solution can enable the field sales force to access the relevant content on the go.

Organizations can even expand the reach of their training for their external channel partners or vendors. Providing access to external stakeholders with restricted access to relevant content helps in the easy management of partner training programs.

Data-driven Insights

A learning process is not effective if one is not able to identify weak points and work on them. Corporate learning platform can help organizations understand the effectiveness of their training programs at a much deeper level. It makes it easier to understand the performance of not only the employees but the trainer and the training materials too. It gives the flexibility to understand the consumption pattern of different learning content on the platform. Managers can evaluate the progress and performance of their teams and HR can evaluate the performance on the organization level. All these insights help the L&D department to effectively understand the effectiveness of current training and to reward the top performers.

Efficient Learning Path

In the knowledge economy, employees are the company’s most important assets. Using a corporate learning platform, organizations can help in carving out personalized learning paths for different employees effectively. With integrations with the HR systems, the learnings of employees can be linked with their career paths. The L&D team is empowered to categorize different types of training for various roles, positions, or individuals. The presence of a solid employee career development plan can help organizations reduce the churn-rate and create a long-term professional relationship with their employees.

Effective collaboration

The whole experience of classroom sessions can be replicated in such e-learning solutions, where a trainer can effectively conduct live sessions. Employees can join-in remotely and can attend the live training. Additionally, it provides a platform for offline collaboration between different employees on any topic-of-interest via discussion forums. Collaborative learning is very effective in individual learning and improving employee engagement.


The corporates need to gear up to keep up with the continuity of this present situation and make learning their priority. A strong learning culture helps organizations attract, develop, and retain top talent. HSC’s corporate LMS helps corporates with their goal of making learning accessible and inspiring for their employees.


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