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Wireless and SON Techshow 2012

October 8, 2012


Demo Date: Oct 8 2012 onwards

Location: Worldwide

Given the explosive growth of data consumption intensive devices like tablets, phones and laptops and the increase in mobile data access by consumers, wireless networks today are facing tremendous challenges in being able to reliably cater to the consumer needs. To meet these needs, new technologies, standards and deployment models have emerged such as LTE, Femto cells, new WiFi standards. As our appetite for data consumption increases, the single most challenging job for the wireless access points and their need to reliably and smoothly manage the onslaught of traffic on their network. SON (Self Optimizing Networks) is a relatively new concept that attempts to be an intelligent algorithmic approach that constantly measures various network parameters (like interference, power, etc.) and automatically tries to adapt the network to offer best scalability and performance under varying conditions.

Intelligent algorithms to self configure and optimize a network are increasingly becoming an important aspect of the emerging high speed networks. Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC) will be conducting a tech show to showcase its expertise on Wireless technologies through a demonstration of a distributed SON concept. For this specific tech show, HSC will be showcasing its design, development and testing expertise in helping our customers build wireless nodes such as access points, gateways and other devices that deploy intelligent algorithms across different radio technologies such as LTE, WiFi, HSPA and others.

HSC has extensive experience in Wireless technologies and algorithms, from radio access to application layer aspects. To be able to showcase its skills, HSC has developed a fully distributed SON algorithm demonstration that is very scalable and power efficient. This is a different approach from the typical centrally managed AP deployments in the market. While the applicability of a fully distributed algorithm depends on the specific business case, HSC hopes that by demonstrating a different, yet applicable algorithm, we are able to showcase our skills in the wireless area to you.

This is a fully self contained demo and does not need any infrastructure support from you. The entire show will be conducted in your office premises via a remote gotomeeting, while I will be present in your office to facilitate.

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