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Trend Summary: Japan IT Week

June 17, 2014


We hope you enjoy this brief trend summary of Japan’s IT week:

HSC recently attended Japan IT Week – Japan’s largest trade show focusing on latest IT technologies/solutions. . The show had the following major themes and trends that we noticed. 

  • Embedded Systems – There was a lot of focus on the Intel Atom based SOC’s and second in line were the Freescale IMX based product lines. The platform of choice in most of the products was Windows and not Android/Linux. Microsoft and Intel had  Microsoft was also show casing it’s platform Windows Embedded 8.1” for embedded devices. 
  • Car Infotainment There was an increased interest observed in the automotive market. The talking points from various companies were features like connectivity, telematics and human-machine interface. Companies like “Fujitsu” and “Denso”, tier 1 infotainment suppliers, are developing expertise in software-based platform designs for enabling communication between cars and the outside world. The platform of choice right now seems to be embedded Windows. In Windows Embedded 8.1 they have updated the application launcher, Gesture filters and introduced new features for security and faster access. 
  • M2M There were various applications in the machine to machine communication space. There were companies like Ubiquitous and Hitachi which were show casing its products which had sensor networks and connected devices managing and controlling tasks like home activities. There were other applications in the industrial production. Companies like Satori were show casing their solutions in NFC, 920 MHz Wireless module, Wireless M2M and Indoor position measurement systems



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