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IP Technology Demonstration

September 28, 2009


Date: Sep 28 – Oct 16 2009

Venue: World Wide

HSC is conducting a IP technology show, where we will be demonstrating our core competence in IP based architectures and protocols issues with a focus on IP’s applicability in wireless networks as well as traditional IP networks. With the increasing deployment IP networks there is a need to re-design Wireless Nodes to integrate efficiently in these networks. Further with the emergence of access nodes like Femto and pico base stations, it becomes increasingly important for vendors to understand how the wireless access could be effectively backhauled over IP.Even for non-wireless networks, Ethernet has become a ubiquitous technology that is being rolled in all portions of the network (Access, Metro and Core) and there is a need for optimizing the network to ensure reliable service delivery. HSC has significant expertise as well as reusable components that can help you with this convergence need.

The demo will showcase a real-life scenario of how quality and traffic prioritization can affect end user service experience of an IPTV stream over a wireless network. Via this demo, HSC will showcase its expertise in several areas that may be relevant to your product convergence needs.



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