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Hughes Systique Test Services Capabilities Demo

June 8, 2009


Date : June 8 – 26, 2009

Venue : Worldwide

The foundation of a quality software lays not only with strong coding skills but also with efficient and effective testing practices. If each single line of code has the potential to break the system, then it becomes even more important to develop test solutions that can repeatedly and reliably validate the functionality of a software.

In HSC, we understand that Testing is not ad-hoc identification of software defects but it is an intense streamlined process of identification of test scenarios, creating of test environments and proper execution, reporting and tracking of test cases and system anomalies. To showcase its knowledge and expertise in complete end-to-end Testing Cycle as well as to demostrate the maturity of its processes, Hughes Systique is conducting a Test Technology show. The show consists of a plugin based Framework which HSC has brought together and which has Test Management, Execution and Automation capabilities. The framework can be easily integrated with existing third party test solutions and can be used as a centralized Command And Control centre for a multinode test environment. For more information, please write to [email protected] Some of the features that will be demonstrated include creation of test definitions, bundling of test cases in test suites, categorisation of test suites, Management of test resources and users, defect reporting and tracking, traceability matrices, Test Execution capablilites, Time based test invocations, email and sms Notifications, File Transfer etc. For more information, contact us at [email protected]



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