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Hughes Systique Implements A COVID-Safe Work Environment For Employees & Guests

June 16, 2020


While remote working has become the new norm, businesses globally are working on plans for the employees and guests to return to the office. Hughes Systique (HSC) has implemented a post-COVID safe work environment for its employees and guests using HSC’s proprietary solutions such as Next Generation Hotspot (NGH), Intelligent Monetization Platform (IMP) and People Insights (PI). These solutions utilize existing infrastructure and will enable HSC in reducing physical touchpoints, ensuring social distancing, adherence to mask-wearing policies, and real-time communication with staff and employees.

Doing away with reliance on physical badges, HSC is using its Next Generation Hotspot(NGH) solution, which is a Hotspot 2.0 based Wi-Fi application, to automatically register attendance and check-in/check-out times of employees, contract staff and guests. The visitor management module of NGH logs the body temperature and automatically generates “High Temperature notifications to the concerned stakeholders.

HSC’s Intelligent Monetization Platform (IMP), which is an intelligence layer that complements existing infrastructure such as WiFi and cameras, monitors adherence of social distancing through its zone-based analytics and creates live heat maps. The heat maps are displayed on digital displays to alert employees and visitors and send alerts to HSC staff if there is crowding in a zone. In addition, HSC will soon implement automatic face mask detection in public areas using its People Insights AI solution.

It is of utmost importance that we bring back employees, contractors, and guests to HSC in a safe way. These solutions of HSC help in ensuring a safer environment for its employees and visitors. This initiative aligns with our vision of being a responsible employer and is important to gain the trust of employees, contractors, and guests.” said Vinod Sood, Managing Director of HSC

Heatmap Analytics

Effective communication is key for an enterprise or brand to empower its employees/guests with the right information, at the right place, at the right time. HSC is using its NGH solution to enable effective communication of information in real-time to both staff and employees, using its proximity messaging module. In cases of violations of social distancing or mask-wearing policies the system automatically triggers alerts to the concerned stakeholders.

Innovation and technology are key strengths of HSC and we have been designing and deploying cutting edge solutions for our customers. We have been able to swiftly re-purpose our solutions for making the enterprise a safer place in a post-COVID world and beyond. These solutions are market-ready and equally applicable to travel, hospitality retail and would enable them to re-open safely and gain the trust of their customers and guests said Ajay Gupta, Head of Business at HSC.

If you have an interest in deploying the solution in your enterprise, then do not hesitate to contact usor write to us at [email protected].

About Hughes Systique:

Headquartered in Rockville, USA, Hughes Systique is a leading technology solutions provider with best-in-class domain experts, system architects, and engineering teams. HSC has been steering the digital transformation journey of its clients with its innovative solutions and accelerators in the areas of Travel and Hospitality, Retail, Automotive, Networks, Media Streaming, IoT, and Security. Hughes Systique has helped its clients significantly reduce their Time-to-Market, monetize, and optimize their business processes and successfully adapt to the changing business landscape.



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