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HSC Introduces Embedded Video Calling Software for Android Platforms

April 12, 2011


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HSC has developed a state of the art Video calling solution for Android platforms that can enable high quality video calling for a variety of Android phones, tablets and more. Unlike other Video Calling solutions, HSC’s Video calling software can be either run as a standalone application, or, deeply integrated into the Android Telephony Manager leading to completely seamless video calling built right into your native dialer.

Further, HSC has also partnered with a leading FMC provider to integrate the Video calling solution with their state of the art Fixed mobile convergence client for Android which brings unprecedented features such as automatic transition from circuit switched to VoIP to Video and back and a host of other features that are currently not provided by and 3rd party fixed mobile solution in the market.

For more information on how this solution can reduce your time to market, please contact HSC at [email protected].



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