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Big Data technology show

October 6, 2015


Venue: Worldwide

HSC is demonstrating its software skills in implementation of Big Data solutions leveraging carrier grade frameworks. Such analytics solutions can be applied to multiple use cases in the area of monitoring and management of devices, service assurance, and monetization of data.

Big Data analytics is playing an increasingly important role in many KPIs of multiple business verticals (CSP, TSP, OEMs, NEMs and IoT providers), helping them offer better and more personalized services to their end users.

This requires the ability to process both large volumes of data as well as real-time data in a manner that is useful and relevant.

In this technology show, HSC will present a live demo implemented using the Big Data lambda architecture, combining both batch and real-time data processing to show how such technologies could benefit service providers.

The demo will be conducted live over the internet and does not require customer physical presence. If you are interested in HSC bringing the demo to you, please contact us by clicking on the “send an enquiry” button below.



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