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Android & multimedia streaming expertise demonstration

April 19, 2010


Ever since Android made its debut in the market, OEMs have been quick to adopt and customize this compelling platform into a variety of devices ranging from mobile terminals, set-top boxes, tablets, netbooks and more. While Android has shown a great deal of promise as an open platform, companies building products on it would also accept that programming on Android has several challenges, especially when one needs to drop into its middleware layer (for example, opencore) and lower layers (NDK and below). Couple this with the fact that Android, as it stands today, lacks good documentation at the internal level as well as implementation limitations (example, two way RTP), building a solid, robust and functional product in Android is much more of a challenge than it may appear.

This is where HSC comes in. HSC has built significant expertise on all the Android Linux stack levels (including NDK, Middleware, Application, Linux Kernel) and would like to showcase its expertise via a live technology demo that showcases an innovative video streaming and internet TV application based on Android. The demo will showcase HSC’s depth in Android and will display several skills such as:

  • How to overcome Android media stack limitations
  • How to integrate native code into the android ecosystem
  • Application development
  • Challenges in porting linux and android to a new reference platform
  • Finally, if your company is also looking at streaming technologies (such as internet-TV, IPTV/Mobile TV), HSC will also showcase its expertise in the video streaming domain (powered by android platforms for the scope of this demo).

This technology show will be conducted at your premises. The demo is fully self-contained and does not require any additional infrastructure support from your side.

If your company is focussed on building products that leverage such technologies, you may find this to be a very useful demonstration of HSC skills. Click on the “More Information” button below if you want HSC to schedule a visit.



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