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People Insights AI


People Insights AI is HSC’s new offering for state-of-the-art video analytics for enterprises looking to better understand how their end users are engaging on-premise (stores, lobbies, restaurants, etc.). Unlike other offerings that need expensive infrastructure setup, People Insights AI is a fully self-contained solution that has no dependency on available infrastructure (such as WiFi APs, beacons, internet connectivity, etc.).

Footfall counting – the most important metric. Isn’t is solved by traditional counters?

Not really. If you visit most enterprise locations today, such as stores, one would observe IR-based traffic counters. These are often bi-directional counters that count people coming in and going out. A large part of our industry relies on them.

HSC’s footfall counting is 5x – 20x better in footfall precision compared to these counters. In other words, traditional counting systems are very inaccurate.

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footfall counter

Footfall Counting

dwell time analysis

Dwell Time Analysis

passerby analysis

Passers-by Analysis

heatmap analysis

Heat maps analysis

age gender analytics

Age/Gender analytics

path navigation maps

Path navigation maps

  • 5x-20x more Accurate: Compared to widely available and deployed IR counters
  • Advanced Analytics:Person identification and tracking with Dwell Time Analytics Heatmaps
  • No Infrastructure Needs: Our starter pack comes with everything you need to get started. No WiFi/BT/etc. needed
  • Live & History: Watch live traffic analysis. Go back to past events and look at analysis
  • Easy to Use: Works out of the box. Easy to use built in Web Interface
  • Expandable: Connect multiple systems. Combine HSC's WiFi Analytics for combined power.
Use Cases

People Insights AI offers the following key functions:

  • This can be used by Retailers for whom footfall counting is probably the single most important metric in current times.
  • Hospitality and Retail industries can benefit from dwell time analysis which is a critical metric for understanding user engagement.
  • In order to attract prospective customers, retail establishments can use Passerby Analysis and attract them with suitable marketing campaigns/offers.
  • Features like heat maps can help optimize store operations as well as roll out marketing campaigns for cross-selling and upselling.

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