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Video & Image Analytics

Video & Image Analytics (CIVA)


HSC’s Core Image and Video Analytics (CIVA) engine is a generalized classification (what) and segmentation (where) engine that works on both videos and images. It is coupled with HSC’s big data framework accelerator to provide an easy-to-use system.
Customers involved/interested in the general space of image/video analytics will know that there are many different models/approaches to solving different problems. Depending on the dataset and needs, significant knowledge is required to know which works best and the right approach – should we discard our current approach and look for a new model, or should we tune our current model? That is exactly where CIVA helps. We do the hard work for you.

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API Based

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Supports Inbuilt Models Like: Person Detection & Counting, Vehicle Counting, Traffic Violations, Face Recognition

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Detection of Custom Objects & Situations

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Analyses Static Images or Videos

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Advanced Person Tracking Features

  • Support analysis of still images, recorded videos or streaming video
  • Offers both scale-up (large systems) and scale-down (embedded boards) configurations
  • Ability to chain/combine multiple machine learning models to achieve the end goal
  • Fully API based, easy to integrate with your end system
Use Cases
  • Deployed in a fleet security solution where our solution is used to track drivers for specific infractions, like driving without a seat belt, jumping red lights
  • Deployed in a consumer electronics OEM to detect physically defective manufacturing parts compared to good quality parts
  • Deployed in a retail chain to perform people counting and demographic analytics

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