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Content Management System

Content Management System


The consumption of digital content across the globe has increased exponentially. With the surge in internet access speed, consumers of today have an option to access media content of their choice anywhere and at any time. Content Management, therefore, becomes one of the key components in the delivery of digital content service across varied formats.
HSC’s Content Management System is a headless platform for enterprises to streamline the content management workflow. Equipped with a rich web UI Dashboard that provides complete control to content authors over their content management.
It provides businesses with a seamless administration of the media content in one place:


  • Create a content structure that enables content authors to add details around the assets (catalogue management) or content files such as Type, Titles, Ad. Profiles, and various other categorizations as per content delivery service.
  • Each content file or asset can be populated with various sub-assets including meta-data details, i.e., texts, images, supporting media files, price-points for various kinds of subscriptions, Ad markers, campaign targets, etc., and other information required for each Asset category.


  • Broadcast hosted content to the consumer environment where it becomes accessible to the consumer Apps and be displayed across all the desired digital touchpoints.
  • Business rules e.g., for content access, can be applied to a complete repository of content based on business-defined categories.


  • Easy management of content even after publishing. HSC’s CMS provides authors to make changes to the already published content and update it further with more details in the CMS. Changes can be published to the Consumer Environment again whenever desired.
  • The platform is equipped for seamless integration with external systems and their control through Dashboard.

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