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unified test automation framework

Unified Test Automation Framework


HSC’s Unified Test Automation Framework (UTAF) is a robust Script-less Test Automation Framework designed to support seamless Web and Mobile Application testing and Web Services testing.

Built on the principles of a hybrid framework that encapsulates keyword-driven and data-driven test approaches, UTAF enables end-to-end automation testing of your applications with a focus on quality across the Software Development Life Cycle. It effectively integrates HSC’s Web Application Testing Automation Framework (WATAF) and Mobile Application Test Automation Framework (MATAF) to provide an OS-agnostic and platform-independent solution.

A complete CI-enabled framework with extensive 3rd party tool integrations that have enabled our customers to accelerate test automation cycles with faster time to market and higher automation ROI

How it Works

In UTAF, wrappers or keywords are created around the most used mobile and web application testing functions. Additional keywords can be added and invoked to enable end-to-end testing. Fully customizable test execution HTML and XML reports are generated in real-time along with statistics of test results. These reports can be integrated with enterprise applications like Outlook.

UTAF also provides REST API support for in-built performance testing of Web applications and Services.

  • Easy To Use – No scripting required
  • Easy To Maintain – Test data abstraction from test scripts
  • Better Collaboration – Integration with JIRA, Jenkins, Bugzilla
  • High Reusability – Keyword-driven approach, the same keywords can be used across project
  • Unified Solution – Supporting both Web Application and Mobile Application Automation
  • Extensible Framework – New keywords can be added as and when required

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