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User Management System

User Management System (UMS)


HSC’s User Management System offers a single window for operators to manage user accounts, profile details, device types, invoicing & billings, and more!


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Easy configuration for multiple user registration methods (eg:Native or Social Account)

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Management of user profile to save bookmarks,playlists,watched history etc

Mobile Test Automation Services

Control over device types & numbers and subscription management

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Shared watch timelines across user devices for a unified experience

  • Complete device management and inventory keeping of the user’s registered devices in a service
  • Impose conditional restrictions on the total number of devices a user can register and the maximum number of concurrent streams a user can consume on the devices.
  • Provides rich features to users like Bookmarks, Wishlist, and customized playlists to arrange the content in a personal order.
  • Record keeping of the watched timelines in a VoD scenario with check-out/check-in timestamps.
  • Assign control based on user profiles in an OTT environment such as the ability to create whitelist playlists for add-on kids' accounts or access to parents on kids’ browsing and watching history.

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