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Test Management Framework (TEMAF)


HSC’s Test Management and Automation Framework (TEMAF)is a powerful and versatile test management and execution framework. This automation solution provides test management and execution services in a web-based GUI. The solution is extensible for adding SUT adaptors to perform the test on distributed test setups.


Integrated test management and test execution capabilities

Web-based interface – multiple testers can connect to server and run tests on different test nodes

Highly customizable – new plugins as per customer requirements can be built on Java, C, Python etc.

Third party integrations – JIRA, ClearCase, SVN, Bugzilla

Inbuilt requirement management plugin, resource management plugin

Import/export of test cases, test reports in XML, HTML format

Data driven test execution support – same scripts over different datasets

  • Easy to use – web based interface, enabling testers to connect from their desktop and run tests
  • Easy to integrate – existing test scripts, frameworks can be driven from TEMAF
  • Collaboration – automatic e-mail sending, project level dashboard for quality of the release
  • ACL-based access – easy to manage across teams with different roles
  • Centralized – all tests cases, scripts, and results stored on the server

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