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As organizations scale their digital infrastructure, IT service management must evolve to ensure business continuity and quicker turnaround for critical operations. Traditional ticket management methods often face scale challenges, adversely impacting service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Manual ticket resolution processes are labor-intensive and time-consuming. IT support teams often review several tickets individually, analyze them, and then find a resolution, leading to ticket fatigue. The other major issue is the lack of historical context and data. Consequently, the support team loses time when solving recurring problems. Further, it leads to slower turnaround and more downtime.

AI is employed in almost every facet of IT and has the potential to revolutionize IT support services. Our accelerator, Incident AI, is designed to optimize your IT service management workflow using AI and intelligent automation.

How it Works?

We start with “Ticket Clustering Management”, using AI-based ticket clustering to reduce the number of tickets to the support team. Instead of manually going through several tickets, the team can resolve groups of tickets that pertain to similar issues. They also get a comprehensive view of the real issue, reducing the noise and alleviating alert fatigue of the support team.

The next step in the process is our resolution recommendation engine, which offers tailored resolutions learned by analyzing historical data, proprietary KBs, and associated SOPs. Other features include SOP summarization and identification of relevant sections.

In addition to active ticket resolutions, it is necessary to maintain a robust preventive stance to reduce recurring tickets. Incident AI uses historical data to gain a deep understanding of the domain. Coupled with predictive analytics and related AI tools, it can predict possible future tickets. The team can use these contextual insights to take proactive preventive steps.

Finally, we can integrate Copilot or other AI chatbot assistants to create an interactive chatbot that understands the issue and suggests possible resolutions. We also perform automation suite integrations with these AI assistants to enable intelligent automation and streamline your workflows.

Key Features

ticket clustering managemnet

Ticket Clustering Management

resolution recommender

Resolution Recommender

predictive prescriptive analysis

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

AI assistant copilot integration

AI Assistant / Copilot Integration

Key Benefits

HSC’s Incident AI helps an enterprise achieve the following benefits and improve the efficiency of operations

Quicker Turnaround Time: Reduce MTTR (Mean time to recovery) and increase availability by efficiently identifying and addressing clusters of related issues.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Access Actionable insights on improving support workflow and resolution recommendations based on historical data and best practices.

Proactive Problem Resolution: Predict and prevent potential issues before they impact operations, ensuring continuous service delivery.

Seamless Workflow Integration: Integration with AI assistants and automation suites delivers a streamlined service management experience.

Use Cases

• Enterprises in the travel sector can use Incident AI to swiftly resolve booking system malfunctions, website errors, and technical glitches.
• Players in the hospitality sector can use Incident AI to streamline guest complaints about Wi-Fi connectivity, room-key systems, or guest booking platforms, ensuring guest satisfaction.
• Retailers can use Incident AI to promptly address POS failures, website glitches, or inventory management software issues.
• Cruise lines can use our Incident AI solution to effectively manage connectivity issue tickets at sea.


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