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Distributed Service Chaining and Orchestration Platform for Edge (D-SCOPE)

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D-SCOPE accelerator is designed to seamlessly integrate complex orchestration problems across network-connected hosts from the edge to the cloud. An edge application using Computer Vision and Inference Engines is an interesting application domain with a wide variety of interesting use cases e.g., Crowd Analysis, Traffic Analysis, or Facial Recognition and Analysis.

The D-SCOPE helps manage the optimal placement of individual components by resource marshaling, orchestration, and life-cycle management of edge applications. It supports network programming by enabling data routing for inter-component communication (RTSP, messaging) using SDN-Controller. It enables horizontal scaling of networks and applications based on the number of features, objects, segments, video feeds, etc. With micro-service chaining, it enables the convergence of local processing to global processing and orchestration of components based on sensor location.


  • Intel OpenNESS Edge platform
  • OpenStack cloud computing platform
  • ONOS SDN controller

Modules (Golang Based)

  • App server offering REST interface for NS instantiation
  • NS Manager – Plugin controlling app instantiation and path setup
  • Site Manager – Manages and Check liveness of different Edge & Data sites
  • OpenNESS Manager – Plugin interacting with Intel OpenNESS controller
  • OpenStack Manager – Plugin interacting with OpenStack controller
  • SDN-C Manager – Plugin interacting with ONOS SDN controller


  • React JS library & bootstrap
  • VPP platform (for SRv6 functionality)

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