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Over the Top (OTT) Streaming/Video Technology Show

April 4, 2012


Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC) will be conducting a tech show on Over The Top (OTT) streaming technologies in various regions of the world, starting 4th April 2012.

For this specific tech show, HSC will be showcasing its design, development and testing expertise in helping our customers build end to end OTT TV/VOD/SVOD streaming solutions. This show is ideal for customers wanting to build their own streaming solutions or enhancing their existing platforms. The focus will be also to showcase how COTS components can be put together for a low cost robust OTT solution in a reliable fashion, so that your time to market and initial investment costs are greatly reduced.

HSC has extensive experience working in the area of OTT streaming and has in the past built various components for the end to end ecosystem including client players, DRM integration, backend digital locker systems, CMSs, storefronts and integration with B/OSS systems.

Specific to the tech show, it will include a presentation on our core expertise and a demonstration of and end-end OTT VOD application which will showcase integration with Facebook, DRM implementation and rights management. The demo will be showcased on multiple form factors, including phones, tablets and set top boxes.

This is a fully self contained demo and does not need any infrastructure support from you. The entire show will be conducted in your office premises.

If you would like HSC to schedule a demo with your organization, please click on the button below.



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