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HSC Application GoSuraksheit wins Nasscom AppFame contest

July 1, 2013


‘GoSuraksheit’ , an application developed by HSC won the 2013 Nasscom AppFame contest. GoSuraksheit is a Security Application that enables you to seek help from trusted friends/relatives during emergency situations. This application arms you with four strong e-weapons which you can invoke at just a click of a button. When you launch the application and click on the Help button it automatically does the following:

  • Sends an SMS to list of pre-provisioned contacts  This SMS includes a customized message, the details of your current location and a link to the exact location on the map.
  • Updates your Facebook status with the same content as the SMS.
  • Sends a call to a pre-provisioned emergency number.
  • Triggers a loud alarm to seek attention for nearby help.

All of the above can also be done by just pressing your power button more than 4 times in case the application is installed on your phone. The application was initially launched in India during Woman empowerment day.

Download links: Android version: here, Windows Phone version: here



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