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COVID Safety Solution

COVID Safety Solution


In this post-COVID world, businesses are bracing themselves to face the urgency and complexity of reopening. As businesses struggle to regain the trust of their staff and customers, HSC’s proprietary solutions are combined to form the COVID Safety Solution, which empowers businesses to revisit current working norms and adopt new practices to regulate the environment in this post-pandemic world.

The COVID Safety Solution utilizes Next Generation Wi-Fi, Zone Analytics, and Computer Vision in the enterprises’ existing infrastructure to reduce physical touchpoints, track real-time locations, face mask detection, social distance monitoring, and generate alerts through a web-based dashboard. It allows for round-the-clock monitoring and proactive maintenance of public and employee safety as well as the creation of safe, zero-contact venues.

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    Real-time Location-based Alerts

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    Real-time Automatic Monitoring

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    Post COVID19 Applicability

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    Leverage Existing Infrastructure


How It Works

The COVID safety solution uses existing infrastructures (Wi-Fi or video cameras) to enable automatic social distance monitoring and real-time communication between customers and staff. The Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) solution provides a touchless identification point and automated check-in/check-out. With zone-based analytics, NGH and IMP enable enterprises to monitor high-density areas (red zones) on their premises. People Insights AI monitors social distancing and detects face masks using existing IP cameras. It allows the administrators to define alerts and policies via a web-based portal. To maintain social distance, automated multi-channel alerts are sent via NGH proximity messaging in real-time to staff/authorities or connected customers. In the event of an occupancy, face mask, or social distancing violation, automated system notifications are sent to the administrator.

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