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Intercell Interference Coordination (ICIC)


HSC is actively working with major players in the cellular industry in trying to devise mechanisms to address interference issues in HetNet environments. Though LTE specifications focus on the subject heavily( LTE uses OFDMA in downlink and SCFDMA in uplink, which reduces the intracell interference), novel mechanisms need to be invented to address interference which is between the adjacent cells (Intercell Interference caused at the edge of a cell as the mobile handset received signals from neighbouring cells).

Strong signal/ Weak signal

HSC’s wireless experts have extensively researched and experimented on the interference subject. Our services have helped our customers in developing solutions for effectively achieving intercell interference coordination (ICIC), such as fractional frequency reuse, selective power reuse, and cell range extension. Talk to us to understand more about our expertise in this domain and how our expertise can complement yours.

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